A BV company formation makes sure your business grows

BV company formation can be helpful if you want to incorporate your business quickly. Sometimes it’s not that easy to do it all by yourself. Then there’s us, Intercompany Solutions. We help with the BV company formation. Most of the time this takes up three days before our services are done, but we can even do it remotely. With the expedited procedure it’s possible to incorporate your BV company within a day. This BV company formation can help you raise your profits and help you with your taxes. We only need the required documents for the formation of the business. Those documents need to be hand in in both Dutch and English.

Raise your profits with BV company formation

In The Netherlands the VAT rate is set on 21% for goods and services delivered in The Netherlands. Between European countries the VAT rate is sometime set on 0%. This gives corporations with a VAT number the opportunity to claim back the VAT. A BV company formation makes sure your global tax rates are better. International companies therefore benefit from the rules and regulations of The Netherlands. We also help with the residency visa for non-European investors starting a business in The Netherlands. We can help you with:

  • 20% corporate tax. Which is one of the lowest tax rates in Europe.
  • 0% VAT for businesses between EU member states.
  • We provide a high-tech infrastructure.
  • We make sure your company has an excellent international business climate
  • We can help you with 93% English-speaking natives and highly qualified personnel.
  • A possibility to immigrate your business.
  • We can do a remote BV company formation for your business.

As you can see we have a lot to offer for your business. If you choose for a Dutch BV (a limited company) you can be registered with a minimum share of 1 Euro, according to the corporate law. A BV is deemed tax resident by law in The Netherlands. The required documentation for the BV company formation will consist of a legalized copy of a valid identification and proof of the address. For business owners who find it hard to come to The Netherlands to fix this all, we give the opportunity to authorize us to take care of the necessary fillings on their behalf. This will save you some time to make sure everything is set for the corporation. We can also open a bank account remotely. But this is only possible for some banks. A certain amount of banks wants the director to be present to open a bank account. If registration is performed remotely, a power of attorney must be received and signed on behalf of the shareholder or director.

Intercompany Solutions gives the best personal service possible

Intercompany Solutions has its headquarter in Rotterdam. We are an innovative provider of corporate services. We service international clients interested in company formations and immigration procedures. Our clients consist a large variety of branches from all over the world. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a market leader in quality corporate services and accounting. We always personalize our assistance to make sure you have the best feeling in working with us. Outside BV company formation we can do more for your company. All information is to be found at intercompanysolutions.com. For more information or questions, feel free to reach out to us by the contact information said on the website. We will answer all your questions and give the advice you need to make the big step. We would like to welcome your business in The Netherlands.

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